Marina in the Rose Garden

Portrait Assignment: Photograph someone you know and love. All prints must be in black and white.

grandmother shades sunglasses cool older lady
old woman graceful looking
startled lines wrinkles old lady surprise funny
older lady smelling the roses, bliss
roses ant black and white insect nature
beauty wrinkled aged wrinkles smile lady woman
older lady seated portrait hat stone wrinkles
hair fabric wrinkles older woman graceful beauty
old lady wrinkles tree nature hair white
smiling hair wild serene wrinkles
marina looking on white hair rose garden

Marina and I ventured to the Berkeley Rose Garden for this shoot. We got there just after 4 pm, and from the top of the garden we could see the Golden Gate Bridge, the headlands, and the bay, which reflected liquid gold. Inside the garden the light was incredible. It is a terraced amphitheater enclosed by trees, and the perfect physical and symbolic place to photograph my beautiful grandmother. She was a terrific model: patient, dynamic, calm, and responsive. The location was also ideal. Shady but still bright, lots of visual interest, meandering paths and a variety of backgrounds. Sometimes you just get lucky.