Blackberry Picking

marina with her sunflowers
jeffery and marina in her garden
holding tomatoes

Last weekend we visited Marina in Petaluma to pick blackberries. First, we toured her garden. It was hot and sunny in Petaluma, and the combination of harsh light and an industrial background created a dramatic setting.

blackberry picking petaluma
marina picking blackberries
blackberry picking train tracks factory

To find more ripe berries we headed west towards Tomales, which was fogged in and chilly, but the light was beautiful.

blackberries tomales
blackberry picking

One of the best things about living in Oakland is that with a vehicle we are able to leave the Bay when we want to. I value the moments I get to share with Marina, and I love that she and Jeffery have such a close bond. Marina touches peoples' lives in such a positive way, and I feel lucky that I get to share her with the people in my life. In all we picked about 12 liters of blackberries and have been eating them with waffles, yogurt, ice cream, and in smoothies. Jam is also on the horizon. Stay tuned for our adventures in canning.