Fish for Christmas

black kitten
family at the table
scrabble and mimosas ginko leaves apron
scrabble and mimosas
kitty face
crab and lemons
serving cioppino
cioppino for christmas dinner
legs and sleeping kitty
apple crisp in the works
christmas candles snowflakes ceramic lace

We had a really mellow Christmas. It rained all day. Marina brought ingredients for bouillabaise and we had crab as an appetizer, played scrabble, watched basketball and ate many desserts. The boys got new socks. The heater worked when it wanted to and when it didn't we put on more sweaters. It was nice staying home all day while the kitties slept and played, slept and played.

I leave for Hawaii in two weeks, and I can't wait to see my mom and dad and Nala and Mochi. It's probably good that Jeffery won't be joining me, because the 12 days I'm there won't feel as short and it will be much easier to say goodbye and come home again. I get a lump in my throat thinking about leaving Hawaii, not knowing when I'll be back. Spending 12 days a year there is not enough.