puppy greetings
tropical rain
chais rain reflection
lilikoi passion fruit
harvesting in dresses
bok choy
sunset over the monkeypod

It is so nice being home. We're eating a lot of food right out of the garden, fresh fruit, fresh salad, fresh eggs. It has been beautiful the last couple days, plenty of sun with scattered showers and incredible clouds. I love spending time with my parents, getting the opportunity to talk past, present, and future. Tomorrow is Jeffery and my first wedding anniversary and I wish he were here. But we'll have many more to celebrate together.

1. Sweet greetings from my favorite pup. 2. Downpour soon after we arrived. 3. Pretty reflections. 4. Lilikoi. 5. Harvesting. 6. Bok Choy. 7. Ferns in the garden. 8. Hens. 9. Sunset over the Monkeypod.