My First Family Shoot | San Francisco Bay Area Family Photographer

Dinah smile
Asher posed
opening the door
smiling through the door
boy in the mirror
pointing at mirror
dad comforting daughter
mom doing daughter's hair
bathroom kiss
family on bed
family bed smiling faces
family in the vegetable garden
boy with greenery
girl with greenery
boy coy smile
momma and daughter
kids on parents shoulders
mom and boy
boy up high
brother and sister play
play structure smirk
hand dimples

I met these beautiful people at my girls' Karate class, and they agreed to let me practice photographing them last weekend. I love spending time with real people and getting a glimpse into their world. Shooting four people at once is definitely a challenge, exacerbated by a certain five year old who didn't want to look at the camera. If only I had gotten my shutter monkey a couple days sooner. Hopefully this will be my first family shoot of many. Thank you Aaron and Jeannine for welcoming me into your lovely home and letting me spend time with your family. Asher and Dinah, you're as cute as they come.