Can't Get Enough

apple tree blossoms and houses
raindrops roses apple tree blossoms
pink apple blossoms

I can't get enough of Berkeley in the spring. Flowering trees really do something for me. It rained in the middle of the week, and after that everything felt fresh and new. The other day I was without a vehicle and had to walk in the rain. It was so beautiful that I felt really lucky for the opportunity. Californians use the rain as an excuse to stay indoors. But the world looks so different when everything is covered in water droplets and the light is diffused through a grey sky. I wish I had my camera. (I took the rose photo with my iPhone.) It puts things in perspective. Yesterday was bright and blue, clear and warm. We had nothing big planned for this weekend, so we got to do some furniture shopping, some fridge stocking, some lounging in front of basketball games on the TV, impromptu lunch dates and hanging out with the kitties. Domestic bliss.