Wine Tasting at Nickel & Nickel | Napa County, CA

Nickel and Nickel winery
Josh and Katie in Napa
horses at nickel and nickel
winery barn
bare beams blue sky
Joshua drinking wine
red barn Nickel and Nickel
Nickel and Nickel farmhouse and palm
daffodils in the dust
st helena storefronts
panama hat reflection
cutting boards through the window
friends in a bar
smiling katie
katie looking down
josh in a bar
bar stool in the light
Jeffery in a bar
beer and broken iphone

Great friends. Perfect light. Old barns and old trees. Beautiful equipment. Fresh air. Green grass and sunny daffodils. Window shopping. New hat. Cold beers.

We spent 29 hours out of town and it was incredible. Nickel and Nickel is stunning and we learned a lot about winemaking. But I sill prefer beer. And it's particularly nice to have one in a bar with twinkle lights and seating, where you can carry on a conversation and put your feet up. Thank you Josh and Katie for sharing it with us. Here's to many more weekends.