opening presents

I've been busy.

I photographed this little one's birthday party on Sunday, after a family shoot I had in the morning. I am really excited with how the photos turned out. I loved being a fly on the wall surrounded by four-year-old girls in costume. It doesn't get much cuter. Little hands and faces and curls everywhere. So much pink. I took over 1,800 photos in six hours and the following two days my eyes were shot. Occupational hazard, but so worth it.

Also, Jeff and I bought a new car! And we're going away this weekend to celebrate my birthday. We're headed up to Anderson Valley and are staying at the Boonville Hotel. Looking forward to great food, quality beer and wine, touring an apple farm, driving through redwoods, being in the country again, and taking lots more photos. I'm really excited for 25. I am where I want to be, and it feels good.

Happy birthday to all my fellow Aries! xxx