Little Ones

Welcoming Baby Kanoe

These are the photographs I love to take. Authentic. Relaxed. Beautiful. Honest.

Maile just became a big sister, and my family and I got to meet baby Kanoe when she was 11 days old. Maile showed us all of her favorite toys, all of her books. This almost three-year-old was thrilled to have us as her audience. While Kanoe slept, Maile rode her trike on lava rock road out front.


I love her little hand!

Sarah, she's beautiful. You all are. Thank you for sharing your darling family with me. I can't wait to witness the next chapters. 

A Three-Year-Old Baseball Connoisseur

I have never met a kid as young as Milo more passionate about one thing than he is about baseball. And at three and a half, he is a dedicated student of the game. This little one eats, sleeps and breathes baseball. He knows all of the A's players, their positions, uniform numbers, and batting order. You name it, he knows it. And he's a switch hitter with a pretty mean follow through. 

We walked to a nearby park to get in some batting practice. Just like every day. As soon as he put on his A's gear, the excitement bubbled up from his sneakers to his fingertips. He beamed. We played for about 45 minutes. He was so focused. It made my job easy. The backdrop and lighting could not have been better, and I love all of the lines and shadows. And that smile! That lead off stance! He could not be cuter. It reaffirms that my favorite thing to photograph is people doing what they love most. He worked up an appetite and earned himself a homemade cookie. Milo Man, when you're an all-star, I hope these are the photos that flash on the big screen. 

Brother and Sister // East Bay Family Portrait Photographer

There was so much love between these two and so many wonderful things in the short time we spent together. Three flies up, climbing fig trees and monkey bars. Mac n cheese with peas. Caterpillars and chrysalises. California fuchsia. A family walk around the neighborhood with perfect light. Sylvester the cat. Happy and active kids may be my favorite subjects. 

I'm still offering free family session though the end of October. Please spread the word or contact me if interested! 

Turning One

momma and baby
mother and baby
birthday baby girl

Miss C turned one last week, and her momma asked if I would bring my camera over to get some shots of them together on her birthday. I feel so lucky to see them every week. She is such a good baby, and I have loved watching her grow these past few months. When that little face lights up when you walk in the room, it doesn't get much better. Happy birthday sweet potato!

Maile at Maku'u Market | Hilo Hawaii Child Photographer

little girl farmers market

I met up with Miss Maile and her momma at the Maku'u Farmer's Market on one of my last mornings in Hawaii to snap some photos, and I am really excited with how they tuned out.

fresh face farmer's market
ready for the day
baby girl farmer's market
waiting for a pickle
pickle at the farmers market
little girl waiting
little girl with a pickle
little girl smiling
happy baby
little girl profile
standing and holding
round face baby girl
upside down smiley girl
little girl with bagel
little blonde baby girl
blonde baby girl at farmer's market
little girl blue dress
baby eating bagel
momma holding baby
little girl big world
knee level
papayas in the background
little hand papayas
holding the basket
tired puppy
girl with anthurium
little girl close up

The light was incredible, and Maile was such a willing little model. It was so much fun, and I can't wait to do more photo shoots with little ones. Thank you Sarah and Maile!