Your toes!! :)

Your toes!! :)


Dear Ella,

All of a sudden time is moving faster than I thought possible, and the leaps and bounds you've made the past month astound me. You love chewing on your toys and are getting more coordinated at grasping and bringing items to your mouth. If you don't have a toy, you happily gnaw away on your shirt, bib, or fist. The drool is plentiful, with still no signs of teeth. You laugh out loud when I kiss the sides of your belly (we share the same tickle spot). You love to fly up above our heads, and think it's hilarious when we pretend like we're going to drop you, or when we roll you onto your side and back again really fast. You're a thrill seeker and have been since the beginning. I can't wait to take you on your first roller coaster, (when I asked your dad if he would take you, his response was "do I have to?") Haha.

We went to Willits last weekend and introduced you to so many of our favorite people, and you charmed them all. It was a lot of stimulation, we drove six hours in two days and it took a couple days to recover and get back into our routine. The saving grace was that there were beds for you to nap in and you didn't have to nap on the go. Speaking of naps, you happily nap for about 45 min, four times a day--two in the morning and two in the afternoon. 

Last week you were nursing throughout the night, waking me to every hour from midnight to 7, and I was exhausted. We decided it was time to transition you to your crib. I bought some sleep sacks so you would stay warm and the first night you woke up four times, the next night you only woke once! Last night you woke up twice, but I blame myself for forgetting to put you in your sleep sack and forgetting to close the curtains, and that blue moon sure was bright. Any time I feel nervous about an upcoming change, you impress me with your adaptability. You continue to be the chill and easy-going baby you've always been.

You found your toes! If I take off your socks you try to get them in your mouth. Your hands usually get in the way, but you are determined. You spend a good portion of the day in the happy baby yoga pose, rocking back and forth.

Yesterday afternoon we had just come home from a walk, I was writing emails and you were getting antsy inside. It was lovely out, so I put a blanket on the deck and you were so close to rolling over (from back to front). I got my phone out, encouraged you a little, and a minute later you dit it! It was very exciting. :)

Your happiness is contagious and every day I feel lucky and proud to be your mama.

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