Happy Father's Day!

I am so lucky to have the father I do.


I obviously love my daddy.


He is very resourceful.




Strong man.


The whole family on Maui for my auntie Io's wedding.

Thank you for continuing to be a great dad. 

Thank you for your passion for soccer and music and breakfast with the Beatles and omelets and waffles and dancing with mom. Thank you for setting such a good example. 

Thank you for taking me to Yosemite and Disneyland and Alaska and Arizona and Scotland. I admire your sense of adventure and free spirit. 

Thank you for providing such a beautiful home to grow up in. I admire your enthusiasm and intelligence and playfulness. 

Thank you for sacrificing so much and moving to Hawaii to start your own business. I admire your selflessness and determination. 

And thanks for letting me keep Batman.