Photo Date with Ramsay

red car

My friend Katie is a nanny to a little boy named Ramsay. She has been watching him since he was three months old, and he turns two this June. But, his family is moving to Boston in May, so she asked me to take some photos of the two of them together before he leaves.

Ramsay in a hat
Ramsay and Katie
Ramsay and Katie
Ramsay and his car
Ramsay and his car
Ramsay and his car
Ramsay posing
Ramsay and Katie hand in hand
Ramsay and Katie swing
Ramsay and Katie slide
Ramsay and Katie up slide
Ramsay sitting and smiling
Ramsay close up
Ramsay playing

The storm clouds held long enough for us to venture to the park and back. And Ramsay was terrific. He is such a ham, and he is such a happy little guy that it was almost too easy. Thank you Katie and Ramsay for letting me spend the morning with you!