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As an adult I find that most exercise I get is scheduled and solitary, such as running on a treadmill at the gym, or out of necessity, such as walking to work or hauling groceries home. At Jeffery's birthday BBQ in Golden Gate Park last week (pictures coming soon!) we threw a frisbee and a football and kicked a soccer ball around and it was so much fun. Just pure spontaneous play, which is really therapeutic.

I was really active as a kid. Every day I climbed trees or rode my bike or walked the dog or shot hoops in the front yard or played tag with my brother while pretending the carpet was lava and jumped from couch to couch. Being active gives me joy. But it's hard to make the time or find the space to exercise when you live in a small apartment and feel like you work all the time. It's another one of those things that challenges my perceptions about city living. You have to pay for and schedule gym time instead of being able to go outside and play catch in the yard.

I decided I needed to make my exercise more social, so this morning I went to a yoga class. And it gave me a whole lot of energy. So to burn it off I ran a mile, and I did it in 7 minutes and 38 seconds. Not too shabby for an old married lady.

Yesterday Jeffery told me that I inspired him to work out more, so he rode his bike to work, 15 miles round trip. It was such a nice thing to hear from him and it made me really happy. That's what a partner is for, to inspire, which is way better than nagging. He inspires me to wash the dishes more often.

In the last week I have been lucky enough to take two sunset walks with my husband. This city is great for walking. Walk a mile and the neighborhood changes completely. Walk two and you're home.