Santa Cruz in July

Santa cruz beach boardwalk from pier
santa cruz pier portrait
santa cruz pier and baby gull
mom and dad santa cruz pier
santa cruz front yard
santa cruz deck view
kitchen reading
mother daughter kisses
sauteed squash blossoms
self portrait
vizsla in the kitchen
vizsla with his girl
santa cruz beach
reading at the beach
best friends reading santa cruz beach
settles of catan
mom quilting dad piano playing
mom dad grandma playing piano
setting sun santa cruz deck view

My parents came to California earlier this month and we rented a house in Santa Cruz for the 4th. It was so restorative having stress-free time with family, where we didn't have a birthday, a bridal shower, or a wedding to plan, we just got to hang out and enjoy the summer. We barbecued every day and ate out doors, took long walks, played frisbee, got to read and sew and play music and spent time at the beach. The house was massive, and perfectly accommodated our family. In addition to Jeffery and me, my parents, and Marina, my brother, his girlfriend, and her dog joined us, and my best friends Devin and Raeann stayed a couple of nights as well. We got hooked on Settlers of Catan, drank piña coladas, sautéed baby squash blossoms fresh from the garden, and ate up all the oysters we bought in Marshall. And I had a terrific eyebrow day and had to take a picture. I am really lucky to have such a great family, and I love how we spend our leisure time. Here's looking forward to many more family gatherings ahead.