Wish Tree | Berkeley, CA

wish tree Berkeley california
wishes for strawberries and blueberries

"I'd like to have blueberries." -Ella "I'd like to have strawberries." -Rosa

wish tree

"I wish for my dream job!"

lemon wish tree
see the penguins

"I want to see the penguins." -Anika

wishes on tree


wish for peace

"My wish is for my community to come together in peace and help those less fortunate ♥"

berkeley wish tree

"I wish I was Caleb's girlfriend." -Gabi ♥

tree full of wishes

This weekend we are driving up to Napa County with some friends to go wine tasting at Nickel and Nickel. So excited to experience some more firsts with my husband and to see more of California in the spring. It is going to be lovely. What are you up to? Have a good weekend!