First Fridays // Temescal Alley // Oakland

A couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending a new friend's art show which was being hosted at Walrus in Temescal Alley. The little store itself was really well curated with many covetable upcycled home decor items. My favorite of which were lamps made from recycled glass bottles. But mostly I was impressed with Jennie's art! Jennie Lennick is a "San Francisco-based artist who reinterprets traditionally domestic and feminine imagery into drawings, sculpture, animations, and functional items that investigate the relationship between high art and kitsch." For her collection Reheat on High, she created a series of hand-embroidered vintage meals. They are adorable.

reheat on high Jennie Lennick

All the shops were open late so Nicole and I did some shopping. 

homestead apothecary

Homestead Apothecary has more herbs and remedies than I knew existed. And everything is beautiful. Nicole found a really nice lunar calendar for $12. 

homestead apothecary temescal alley

Another favorite shop is Crimson, which carries a great selection of plant varieties and pretty pottery (which is surprisingly hard to find! If you know of any places I can find good pottery, let me know. I feel like our options are very limited in the Bay Area).


For dinner we enjoyed carnitas nachos (street style) from Doña Tomás, which were absolutely delicious. 

dona tomas carnitas nachos

Altogether a really lovely evening. I can't believe it's my third August living in Oakland and that was my first time going to First Fridays. If you live here, check it out, even if just for the people watching, window shopping, and free beer! But definitely stay for the food. 

Temescal Farmer's Market

Temescal Farmer's Market
happy boy farms produce
carrots at the farmer's market
chives fresh farmers market produce
children dancing to music at the farmer's market
strawberries at the farmers market
farmer's market booth produce flowers
dutch irises in buckets
wrapping ranunculus
kitty sniffing flowers
kitty and ranunculus
ranunculus mini multicolored

Open Sundays year 'round, from 9 to 1. Live music, hot food. Affordable local and organic produce, beautiful flowers, and I can walk there.

I can't get enough of those little carrots. They are really nice roasted whole with parsnips and a protein of choice. Also, right now cauliflower is amazing. I made cauliflower mac 'n [three] cheese[s] tonight, which was a hit.

Jeff is pretty excited about basketball playoffs, the Warriors are putting on a show. We went into the city Friday night and caught the game at Yancy's Saloon, the sports bar where I celebrated my 21st birthday, and it was packed. Pizza, beer and donuts for dinner. It was really nice spending the evening in the city, I think we're going to have to do it more often.

This weekend was really beautiful. Feeling blessed.

Wish Tree | Berkeley, CA

wish tree Berkeley california
wishes for strawberries and blueberries

"I'd like to have blueberries." -Ella "I'd like to have strawberries." -Rosa

wish tree

"I wish for my dream job!"

lemon wish tree
see the penguins

"I want to see the penguins." -Anika

wishes on tree


wish for peace

"My wish is for my community to come together in peace and help those less fortunate ♥"

berkeley wish tree

"I wish I was Caleb's girlfriend." -Gabi ♥

tree full of wishes

This weekend we are driving up to Napa County with some friends to go wine tasting at Nickel and Nickel. So excited to experience some more firsts with my husband and to see more of California in the spring. It is going to be lovely. What are you up to? Have a good weekend!