My Second Family Shoot | East Bay Family Photographer

baby from above
blue eyed baby girl
chubby knuckles
baby face at the window
sisters at the window
sisters at the window black and white

These two sisters are so cute I can't believe it. I've been babysitting them a couple mornings a week for a few months now, and it is so much fun seeing them grow. I was really excited to take my camera over there a couple Sundays ago. Watching a family go about their weekend routine is such a beautiful thing. I loved being a fly on the wall while they made juice and picked flowers in the back yard. These parents are such good parents and these girls are such good little girls.

little girl
happy face
playing in the dirt
out in the yard
playing outside
on dad's shoulders
father and daughter
baby smiling crib
two sisters
sisters peekaboo
sisters and mom reading in the sun
sisters profile
family on the kitchen floor

Thank you, Rachel and Kevin, for welcoming me into your home and being so amazing!