Short and Sweet // Grass Valley, CA

At the end of July we drove out to Grass Valley for a short weekend with friends. I had a photo shoot up there on a Friday and Jeffery took the train and met me that evening. On Saturday we hiked Gracie Ditch in Nevada City. It was nice and shady, had a creek for the pooch, and opened up to some pretty spectacular views. 

hiking Gracie Ditch, Nevada City
hiking Gracie Ditch

After our hike we cooled off in a doughboy pool, horsing around with floaties, and I laughed harder than I have in ages. It was so much fun, and so refreshing. We had BBQ tacos for dinner and it was so good. Once again this little peach stole the show. In these pictures she is 3 months old, growing up so fast and already such a beauty. We love her to pieces. And I quite clearly have a problem: I can't keep my camera off of her for more than a minute. It's those eyes!

baby ava
smiling baby

The cuteness. I just can't. 

happy baby

Auntie love, grandma and cousin love. What a lucky little lady. 

grandma and cousins

She sure lights up when she sees her papa!

daddy daughter

We had a good laugh over that milk belly...and that face. 

milk belly
baby loving
sunset and sleep

Every trip out there restores something in us. It is so good to slow down, be with people we love, and get outside and enjoy nature. And being around puppies and babies doesn't hurt either.

P.S. Our last visit up there was pretty great too.