Five months! When you were still tiny and new and we came across older babies, I sometimes thought, “I can’t wait until she's older.” I would scold myself for wishing time away, and focus on enjoying you in the moment. Now that we’re here, I wouldn’t go back—I love this age more than any previous—and I already feel myself mourning its end. It's a good thing you can't wish for time to pass faster than it already does. You also can’t go back, which is why mamas’ hearts burst open as their babies grow.

You are very close to [consistently] sitting up independently—last Sunday we put you in your high chair for the first time and it's a total game changer. You are thrilled being up high in the middle of the kitchen, playing with your toys. You are becoming more and more interested in food and drink, and have gummed large chunks of raw carrot, apple, celery, and cucumber. You have also tasted a few drops of water and coconut water. 

You resist tummy time. If we put you down on your back you instantly roll over onto your tummy, and then ask to be rescued. You prefer sitting up or standing to lying down. 

I love making you laugh—you've started laughing big belly laughs, instead of little courtesy chuckles—usually in the evening when you're pretty tired. Your daddy makes the funniest noises. 

I love watching you take in the world. You are fascinated by your hands and are very focused on your toys. You have started protesting when a beloved toy disappears from sight or is taken away.

You love grabbing fistfuls of my hair and putting them in your mouth and you light up when you catch sight of the kitties. You reach out for them, and if we let you get close enough you'll grab hold of Batman, skin and all, and he purrs. I think you're going to be an animal lover. 

We drove to Marshall with Grandma and Grandpa to celebrate Marina's 80th birthday. We stayed in a beautiful old house on the Straus property and walked along Tomales Bay to the party, and you peered out at the water and the birds with quiet fascination. The party was a lot of new faces and loud voices, and you acted happy to be there. It seems like you’re up for anything, which is such a nice quality to possess. Each time you experience something new you are observant and calm. I think this trait will serve you well, my love. 

We all caught colds in Marshall, and you handled your first bout of sickness like a champ. For a week you were congested with a runny nose—more than once you woke up coughing—and despite your discomfort, you still greeted me with a smile. You revealed your true colors, and they're spectacular.

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