Visiting Mount Tam

Mount Tamalpais

A couple weekends ago, Jeffery and I decided to drive to the top of Mount Tamalpais. It is somewhere neither of us has been, which is crazy because it really is so close to the city. I can't stress enough how incredible it is that we finally have time off together and are able to have adventures on a whim. It's fun checking things off the list, which is getting shorter and shorter. Time to come up with new ideas. Any suggestions?

foggy view from mt tam
Jeffery looking on
California poppies wildflowers

We counted over a dozen varieties of wildflowers. Even though there was fog below us, it was surprisingly hot at the top, and there was no wind.

View of the bay area from the top of mount tam
View of San francisco bay from the top of mount tamalpais

I love those fog fingers creeping in.

view of stinson beach and bolinas california from mt tam

We drove around the mountain to the west and were rewarded with views of Bolinas and Stinson Beach, then down through the redwoods to Alpine Lake, eventually regrouping with civilization in Fairfax. California, you are so beautiful.

rolling california hills mt tam
wild lupin california wildflowers
Stinson beach from mt tam
orchids at marina's

We ended up in Petaluma and had dinner with Marina. Shrimp and chicken paella, salad picked from her garden, and a strawberry and homegrown rhubarb tart. She really is a class act. And I have never seen happier orchids (except maybe in Hawaii).