Glorious, glorious child. What I didn't realize a couple months ago when I was feeling sad about time moving so fast, was that even though each stage comes to an end, it is replaced by something even more spectacular. Seven month old Ella is crawling! You are pulling yourself up on everything. You share your parents' love for food, you love being outside in the garden, and you love playing with toys—or my barrette or the hinge on the door frame to your room or anything new and fascinating. You are way more interested in turning the knob on the humidifier next to the rocking chair than whatever book I am trying to read to you. You are a wiggle worm—diaper changes have become a feat of strength. 

We are working towards establishing routine, and you are responding well. You are napping longer in your crib during the day and you love your daily baths before bed, even if I only fill the bathtub and inch. You especially love your rubber ducky. Some days are harder than others, but we appreciate your easy going nature and every day is full of smiles. When we are out and about, people love to tell you what a beautiful smile you have. And it's true, your smile lights up my world. It is unbelievable how much I love you, darling girl. 

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