Taking these photos has become a challenge—you move so damn fast!

This last month was a whirlwind. Your grandparents were here for almost two weeks, which you loved. You had two more teeth pop through and you had a fever of 103.4 during a heat wave, which you didn't love. We swam a bunch, played on the playground a few times, visited friends in Willits, we watched some World Cup games, ate our first tomatoes of the season—not from our garden, yet! You continue to impress me and your dad with what an awesome kid you are. You are curious about the world, but move carefully through it. You are generally a happy baby and are good at communicating. You can recognize the signs for "milk", and "all done" (and get excited when we do them) and we are working on "more," "eat/hungry" and "drink/thirsty." You are still taking 2-3 naps a day and usually wake up once at night, but most nights we get a 7-9 hour stretch before the first wakeup. You are incredibly social, love watching other kids and babies do their thing, love attention, and crawl up to every animal you see. You continue to love food and will typically eat everything we put in front of you.

Current favorite foods: peas, goat cheese, scrambled eggs, banana, avocado, chicken, black beans, broccoli, melon

Current favorite activities: swinging and going down the slide at the play ground, swimming/water play, exploring the contents of the kitchen cabinets

Everywhere we go people comment on how beautiful and adorable you are. Your eyes and your smile get the most love and we couldn't agree more. I sure love being your mama. 

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