One small tragedy of this first year is that I'm too exhausted to be the mom I want to be most of the time. I think back to my nanny years when I showed up to work rested and refreshed, cared for my charges with patience and grace, and then went home to the kitties and my limitless free time and hours of uninterrupted sleep. And I wish I could be that girl, or at least have her energy. But that girl had a hole in her heart and my heart is filled to the brim.

It goes too damn fast. Your dad and I are blown away by your capabilities, how you are already a complete person. You starting walking three weeks ago, and it is now your preferred way to get around. You are working on your 8th tooth and early morning sleep has been choppy. Most nights you get a solid 7 hour stretch and then it's touch and go.

Your vocabulary consists of five words: mama, dada, kitty, yeah, and dog. You have started hugging and kissing me before I put you in your crib and it's my new favorite thing. You ask for your naps in the morning, pulling your blanket through the bars of your crib and collapsing on top of it. 

You LOVE clothes. Clean clothes, dirty clothes out of the hamper (which we swap out), my clothes, your clothes—the more elasticity the better. You will pull a clothing item out of a drawer and walk around with it all morning, either putting it over your head or clutching it in your fist. It's hilarious, and you have no idea how funny you look with my underwear on your head. Or maybe you do. You love pushing around your stroller or the laundry basket and have a new affinity for the yoga ball. The kitties are still your favorite thing and we're lucky they're so patient with you, even when you squeeze them too tightly.

You throw yourself down the slides at the park and toddle over to the swings at every opportunity. You are fearless. I've started taking you to open gym and you can hang unsupported on a bar. You love baby play group at The Nest, you light up when we're there. You love the attention from all the other mamas and you love showing off your abilities. I think you're going to be a performer. Keep leading the way, sweet girl, and we'll do our best to guide you.

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